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ClientEarth Communications

15th November 2023


Our groundbreaking case against Shell’s Board of Directors comes to an end

A UK Court of Appeal has refused to hear our historic lawsuit against Shell’s Board of Directors. Our case argued that the Board had breached its legal obligations by failing to properly manage the climate risk facing the company.

In February 2023, we filed a case against Shell’s Board of Directors for failing to move away from fossil fuels fast enough. This is the first ever case of its kind seeking to hold corporate directors personally liable.

In May 2023, the UK High Court dismissed the case, and now, our application to appeal the decision has been rejected.

The Court’s misguided decision gives Shell a free pass to continue exploiting fossil fuels for short-term profit, at the expense of their own long-term commercial viability – and the future of our planet.

That’s why we must – and will – keep fighting. Our groundbreaking case against Shell is just the beginning. It sent shockwaves through boardrooms around the world. We strongly believe that, one day soon, company directors will be found liable in cases like this.

With your support we will fight on. Please donate today and help us hold corporations accountable for steering us further into climate catastrophe:


We knew our case against Shell’s Board would be a challenge because it was truly groundbreaking. And the Court’s refusal to engage with the ample evidence as to the Board’s failings is bad news not only for Shell’s shareholders, but for every inhabitant of this planet.

Indeed, since we launched our lawsuit, Shell’s Board has abandoned oil production reduction targets and slashed investment in renewables. They are investing five times as much in fossil fuels as in renewable energy “solutions.”

That is why it’s more important than ever that we continue to fight.  

Join the fight for a livable planet