Affiliation: President, The Boat Company

Hunter is president of The Boat Company, a non-profit with a mission to protect and preserve nature through small ship exploration, education and action. The Boat Company was started in 1979 by Hunter’s father, Michael McIntosh, who made it his life’s goal to protect the largest remaining temperate rainforest in the Northern Hemisphere – the Tongass National Forest in Southern Alaska. In 2015, The Boat Company partnered with several environmental organizations to successfully remove a roadless rule exemption in the Tongass and save old growth forest needed for the survival of several wildlife species. Hunter has also testified before the Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee, submitted testimony to the committee and submitted official comments to the Secretary of the Interior as well as Secretary of Agriculture overseeing the US Forest Service. His testimony has been focused on fisheries and wildlife management, land protection and preservation, and nature based tourism.